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OutThere produces truly-global, stylish, publications for discerning gay men and their friends. Our aim is to celebrate the many fascinating expressions of global queer culture that extends beyond the mainstream, compendiums of arts, activism, fashion and travel - interspersed with strong personal stories, great photography, queer voices and in-depth features. We're proud to produce OutThere/Annual, OutThere/Style and OutThere/Travel; our family of titles that recently won the PPA's Independent Publishers Award for LAUNCH OF THE YEAR

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Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. Earlier this year, we launched our inaugural issue of OUT THERE TRAVEL, the first of our specials purely about experiencing homoculture across the world. Your response has been phenomenal; we’ve really been overwhelmed by the support, ideas, emails and even handwritten letters telling us what you thought. Thank you. One of the messages we received said this: “OUT THERE TRAVEL is amazing, but how are you going to top the Thailand issue?”. You know we just thrive on challenges…

Intent on discovering a completely different part of the world, we’re taking you on a trip to Stockholm, Sweden. We know we’ve gone from country to city, but intently so; and whilst Stockholm is a well known cosmopolis, we feel there’s still so much to tell. Stockholm is sophisticated, vibrant, forward-thinking and inspiring – not to mention beautiful, in every way – a perfect fusion of urban and nature. But there’s more to Stockholm than ABBA, the nightlife and museums. There’s a real energy to the city that you’ll find difficult to experience elsewhere. Why? Because of its queer people. And yes, they use the word very openly and unashamedly – and most will tell you about the city’s queer movement, one that actually extends beyond the LGBT community and has roots in the 19th century.

This issue also features travelogues from New York scene-queen Patrick Duffy, who fulfills his childhood dream and journals his trip to three amazing South African destinations. We also talk to Tristan Verran, flâneur extraordinaire, who has found himself in up-and-coming Taipei, the capital of Taiwan – a country that wants to be the first in Asia to legalize same-sex nuptials. All this and much more, including essays from our columnists, or ‘journeymen’ OUT THERE.

The world really seems to be expanding for LGBT people. And this extends beyond travel – from the death of DOMA in the USA; to the equalization of “marriage” in my UK home. But let’s not forget how the world can also close up for us. I write this as homophobic Russia enforces sickening anti-gay laws, prohibiting civil freedoms for their citizens, even extending to non-residents of the country – resulting in violence and the victimization of LGBT people. And in Cameroon, where an LGBT activist, one who was working on HIV-AIDS related subjects for the greater good of his city, not just for the LGBT community, was murdered in cold blood. Please spare a thought for them and do everything you can as an OUT THERE, global citizen to help raise awareness for these issues as you set off on your journeys across the globe.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

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