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In the Spring of 2002, Knee High Media, Japan began working on Papersky magazine. Since then Papersky has steadily amassed a sophisticated, well-informed and progressive readership drawn to the magazine’s distinctive celebration of a life of travel. Papersky is a record of the spirit of the places or Sky’s it passes beneath as passing through the pages of the magazine is a journey in itself. Papersky is a door to the world and each issue features unique stories and stunning photography which offers readers the sensation of travel, inspires them to actually make a trip and shows them a different way of doing it. Published by Knee High Media.

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  • Japan
  • Three issues a year
  • Travel
  • First issue 2002

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“SAN FRANCISCO | good company”

JPY 1000.00 — Released 8 July 2015

In this issue we travel to San Francisco with our good friend and owner of Landscape Products, Shinichiro Nakahara, to discover how companies are moving beyond the philosophy of creating product purely for the sake of profit and instead focusing on giving birth to well made and designed products and services that alsocreate a healthy and wholesome community. We have decided to label these companies 'Good Companies'.

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