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In the Spring of 2002, Knee High Media, Japan began working on Papersky magazine. Since then Papersky has steadily amassed a sophisticated, well-informed and progressive readership drawn to the magazine’s distinctive celebration of a life of travel. Papersky is a record of the spirit of the places or Sky’s it passes beneath as passing through the pages of the magazine is a journey in itself. Papersky is a door to the world and each issue features unique stories and stunning photography which offers readers the sensation of travel, inspires them to actually make a trip and shows them a different way of doing it. Published by Knee High Media.

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“RIO DE JANEIRO | bossa nova”

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Bossa Nova (‘the new trend’)

Brazilians have always believed that Brazil potentially can become paradise. Perhaps it’s the stunning scenery, the sheer power of nature or the overtly optimistic vibration of the Brazilians themselves. This ‘positive’ energy is found in the sounds of many types of Brazilian music and comes to a full climax in Bossa Nova.

In this issue of Papersky we travel to the other side of the world, Rio de Janerio, to meet up with the living legends of Bossa Nova: João Donato, Roberto Menescal, Joyce Moreno, Jaques & Paula Morelenbaum, Celso Fonseca, and Daniel Jobim as well as to talk with the new talents infusing Bossa’s power into modern music.

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