Shawati' i Bilingual - Arabic and English edition — September/December 2018, #44


SHAWATI’ Magazine is a bi-lingual {Arabic - English} arts and culture publication based in Abu Dhabi.

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Welcome to our fall edition of Shawati’ magazine. Our mission as a culture and arts magazine has always been, to not only write about the culture and arts scene [occurring locally and abroad] and keep a record of it, but also, and more importantly, to express it visually. As visual storytellers, we are always pushing creative boundaries in search of the next ‘it’ thing. Issue 44 goes beyond – introducing you to a new-realm in visual storytelling. Each static illustrated artwork – from the cover to the five section breakers – springs to life through animation that utilizes Augmented Reality [AR] cutting-edge technology, the result is interactive and engaging on an entirely new level. Augmented reality captures our imagination and stimulates our perception like no other technology can. It is shaping the way we view the world and we hope it will offer you, our faithful readers an immersive multi-sensory experience that transports you to another dimension, one where the future and the past, intertwine, overlap and collide, forcing us to examine our ideas about the future and past.

Every issue is a creative exchange as we strive to inform our readers about a broad range of topics based on our collective experiences, current events and innovative ideas that are shaping our thoughts about the world. And our latest edition features a wide-range of diverse content and a rich portfolio of influential profiles. We hope you will take the time to explore our latest edition and savour it at your leisure - from cover to cover. And we sincerely hope your first Shawati’- based AR experience will be transformative.

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