Smith Journal i — Spring 2013, #6

Smith Journal

Smith Journal is a quarterly publication for discerning gents (and ladies who like reading about discerning gents). It’s heads-up and hands-on. A friendly guide to all things creative, intriguing, genuine and funny – full of stories, people, adventures, interesting conversations and gentlemanly style.

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AUD 11.95 — Released 11 March 2013

there’s a ‘state of flow’ that happens when you’re fully immersed in a task – so consumed that time, food and everything else fades away. in volume six you’ll meet a guy who has dedicated his life to creating colour and mixing perfect oil paint; men who sacrificed their bones, eyeballs and fillings in the name of science; two brothers who are building a hotel from scratch; the lady who helped define a culture of japanese design; and a man who spends part of each day meticulously assembling sails, rigs and hulls to build seafaring worlds inside old bottles. newspaperman tim keck explains why pilots don’t sleepwalk. sam j. jones talks about what it was like to be flash gordon. two designers turn ubiquitous beer pallets into a house. and one brave man puts the advice of an old manual to the test: how to disappear completely and never be found. it’s all here in volume six.

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