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Many people don’t realise coffee is a fruit. But when they discover that while coffee bean offers a wide spectrum of tastes and flavors, the beverage from the coffee cherry does too, they quickly perk up. Dale Harris, from the well- known British roaster Has Bean Coffee, introduced us to the Cascara phenomenon along with several creative preparation.

Coffee rewards the curious. Throughout history, eager students of coffee have worked tirelessly to understand all the different puzzle pieces that fit together to form our morning cup. In return, that cup has gotten consistently more delicious. Kyle Tush, Quality Analyst at Counter Culture Coffee, helped us solve a bit of this riddle in the article dedicated to coffee varieties.

Willem Boot, the owner of the Finca La Mula farm, felt pure joy when he was first introduced to the Geisha. Whenever he puts a cup of coffee to his lips, a feeling of comfort and happiness embraces him. Geisha, a term known primarily from the country of the rising sun, is preceded far and wide by her reputation in the coffee scene. As one of the most expensive and premium varietals in the world, it is without a doubt a coffee worthy even of the Japanese Emperor.

Much has been said about Amsterdam’s fast growing specialty coffee culture, and there’s certainly plenty of reason to be excited. For such a small European capital city, Amsterdam has made great strides – from coffee no-man’s-land to coffee mecca in just a few years. But the truth is, the Dutch have been spreading coffee across the continent for centuries.

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