Stella i — February/March 2014, #10


Stella is a thinking woman's magazine from the Pacific Islands. The magazine celebrates the indigenous voice of Pacific Islanders covering fashion, health, travel, arts, and life across our region. Following publishing trends from across the globe, Stella shares uplifting stories from our Pacific sisters and brothers across the region in all walks of life. We aim to challenge the stereotypes and share good ideas.

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“Issue 10: The Age of Options”

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Our pages are filled with people making all sorts of life changing decisions, which have pushed and pulled them here and there to make them lovely inspirations for us. There’s breakdancer George Tau, deciding to stay in Papua New Guinea despite many opportunities to go overseas, John and Christine, who decided to help celebrate, not shame young girls reaching womanhood, and Mari Ellingson, who has decided to chase many different dreams in her life. In this age of options, picking and choosing is something that a lot of us can be quite frightened by. How do you deal with dilemmas? List pros and cons? Go with your gut? We think this issue will give you courage to tackle those big decisions in your life, and inspire you to be a little bit more proactive and little less reactive.

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