Sync i — July/September 2015, #3


Sync is a magazine for tech executives who believe that the success of technology itself depends on the strength and insight of technology leadership. In the pages of Sync, you’ll find compelling stories from tech executives about how they’re harnessing the power and potential of the digital revolution to grow their teams, their companies, and their careers.

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“Theory of Revolution”

FREE — Released 15 June 2015

Innovate or die. That’s the reality that companies—tech or otherwise—must face today. And with disrupters waiting to outwit their competition, no matter how well established, organizations of all sizes have heeded the call. New ideas are the new status quo.

But with innovation ubiquitous, what separates the iterator from the innovator? Or is there room for booth?

Good ideas are universal. They bring smarter, creative solutions that translate to tangible business value. Innovation says, “There is a better way,” and the technology leader never stops listening.

Also inside: American Cancer Society mobilizes hope; data deconstructed with Phil Shelley; Thanx Media‘s tailor-made enterprise solutions; and meet the Sovereign Systems cloud cadre

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