Texte Zur Kunst i — June 2014, #94

Texte Zur Kunst

TEXTE ZUR KUNST stands for controversial discussions and contributions by internationally leading writers on contemporary art and culture. Alongside ground-breaking essays, the quarterly magazine – which was founded in Cologne in 1990 by Stefan Germer (†) and Isabelle Graw and has been published, since 2000, in Berlin – offers interviews,roundtable discussions, and comprehensive reviews on art, film, music,the market, fashion, art history, theory, and cultural politics. Since 2006, the journal's entire main section has been published in both German and English. Additionally, each issue features exclusive editions by internationally renowned artists, who generously support the magazine by producing a unique series.

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Issue No. 94 / May 2014 “Berlin Update” Table of contents

6 Preface 34 Isabelle Graw The Myth of Remoteness from the Market / Notes on Berlin’s Rise as an Art Metropolis 62 Under the Shadow of Projects / A roundtable discussion with Heike-Karin Föll, Juan Gaitán, Christoph Gurk and Florian Wüst, moderated by Philipp Ekardt and Hanna Magauer 88 Susanne von Falkenhausen Statement on the exhibition- and collection politics of the Berlin National Gallery 100 Berlin Theory / A survey by Texte zur Kunst with Barbara Wittmann, Alexander García Düttmann, Frank Ruda, Peter Geimer and Maria Muhle 124 Philipp Ekardt The New Pragmatists / On Times and New Theater 138 Pablo Larios Blackout / On White Material Records 152 Paul Feigelfeld The Cloud Over Berlin / Two Remarks on the Archaeology and Present of Digital Rights Bildstrecke Calla Henkel / Max Pitegoff Short Cuts 163 A Survey on the significance of textiles in contemporary thought and praxis Rotation 178 Where Failure is Proof of Wrongdoing / John Beeson on “The Essential Ellen Willis” Liebe Arbeit Kino 183 Yoga oder Brecht / Cristina Nord über „Ich will mich nicht künstlich aufregen“ von Max Linz KLANG KÖRPER 186 Ubiquitäres Video / Holger Schulze über „Happy“ von Pharrell Williams, „Like A Rolling Stone“ von Bob Dylan und „G.U.Y.“ von Lady Gaga Short Waves 193 Gili Tal on Timothy Davies at Sandy Brown, Berlin / Gunter Reski über Kurt Kocherscheidt bei Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin / Beate Söntgen über Gego im Kunstmuseum Stuttgart / Eva Birkenstock über Ulrike Müller bei Callicoon Fine Arts, New York / Jenni Sorkin on Faith Wilding at Threewalls, Chicago / Rainer Bellenbaum über Victor Burgin im Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Siegen / Andrew Stefan Weiner on Christopher Williams at the Art Institute of Chicago / Carson Chan on Eddie Peake at Peres Projects, Berlin Reviews 219 Titles and compositions / Brigid Doherty on Rosemarie Trockel at Gladstone Gallery, New York 223 Representational Impasse / Felix Vogel über Ed Atkins in der Kunsthalle Zürich 228 A Retrospective With eight Legs / Sven Lütticken on Superflex at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 233 IM KONTEXT AUFGEGANGEN / Hannes Loichinger über Philippe Thomas im Mamco, Genf 237 THE COSTLINESS OF OUR ATTACHMENTS / Piper Marshall on “Bad Conscience” at Metro Pictures, New York 243 Signifying Friendship / Jacob King on "Macho Man, Tell It To My Heart" at Artists Space, New York 249 „Große, gewaltige Interessen in allen fünf Erdteilen“ / Lotte Arndt über „Ware & Wissen (or the stories you wouldn’t tell a stranger)“ im Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt/M. Nachrufe / Obituaries 255 Productive Estrangements by Alena Williams 260 Stuart Hall (1932–2014) by Tom Holert 264 GÜNTHER FÖRG (1952–2013) by Michael Neff

Edition K.O. Götz Axel Hütte

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