The Landing Magazine i — April/December 2014, #3

The Landing Magazine

The Landing is a safe haven for long-form writing on the wide, wide web. We believe that there are readers out there who want stories to sink their teeth into, and writers who want to report them. Our anchors are the concepts of time and geography. Our content is a rock in the lightning-quick multimedia stream that launches up-to-the-minute news. Our aim? To give original reporting, writing, photography, and illustration a place to land.

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“Truth or Dare”

USD 20.00 — Released 1 April 2014

Truth and Dare is the innocent game we built to honor the serious business of taking chances. It’s the excuse to step off the edge or lean in for the kiss; to do the thing you never would have done except…you had to. You had to make a choice, everyone was waiting for it. Was it honesty or bravery you thought would be easier? Emotional embarrassment or physical pain? You see how easily the lines blur, don’t you. How hard it is to separate the two. So here, in this issue of The Landing, we give you both. We don’t want you to have to choose…not this time, anyway.

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