unstate i — December 2015, #1


A magazine, thinking space and creation of audiovisual culture / Revista, un espacio de reflexión y creación de cultura audiovisual

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Unstate is a magazine which comprises an area of reflection and creation of audiovisual culture. Our perspective covers all practices based on the power of the image, from traditional arts, to contemporary manifestations: cinema, photography, digital culture, illustration, video art, graphic humour, comic, urban art, and visual essays, etc.

Unstate is conceived as an active essay that tackles subjects with its own perspective of intervention. The fragmentary and the transverse are our core ideas which allow the dialogue of distant and interrelated concepts.


Alexandre Larose Felipe G. Gil Elvira Calatayud Eduardo Guillot Carles Candela Jose Martín Barrios Pilar Lluch Villar Mario de la Torre Eloy Enciso Josep Pedro Roser Colomar Manuel de la Fuente Soler Quelic Berga Carreres Nathalie Koutia

Includes a limited edition comic by Somerset+Mills (Subscribe to 4 issues for 49 €)

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