Wander i — November 2016/February 2017, #1


Wander Magazine is publication that takes ordinary and everyday ideas and deconstructs them to question the narrative of societal concepts and norms.

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“Issue 01 // Friendship”

GBP 8.00 — Released 25 November 2016

Let's wander...

Our aim is to take ordinary and everyday ideas and put them into different contexts to be able to analyse, deconstruct and look at them differently. We think being endlessly curious is endlessly fulfilling, and want to question the structure and narrative of societal concepts and norms.

Through a range of prose, poetry, essays, literature in translation (and the analysis of this process), history, philosophy, current affairs, food and travel, we want to build up a new way of looking at a well-hashed idea, so we can start to think about it differently, and better appreciate its nuances.

The theme of friendship struck a chord with a lot of people. We wanted our first theme to be one that could be interpreted in many different ways, and the variety of responses we received did just that. Not only did people contribute pieces that asserted the value and necessity of good friendships, but also the complicated nature and sometimes difficult dynamics they create.

Apart from being a relationship between two people, we also wanted to look at how we could interpret friendship in other ways. The lasting impact people can have; the fear of being alone; the need for community; being misunderstood and examined; our tactile responses to each other; the nature of sharing your lives with people and what this means. We hoped to achieve a balance between the wonders of friendship and the trials, and the profound influence this has upon our lives.

We hope you enjoy our first issue, and thank you to everyone who has become a part of the process and of our community. This magazine couldn’t have been created without friends.

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