YET magazine i — April 2014, #5

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YET magazine is an online triannual photography publication which showcases editorials and photography series by worldwide artists.

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Transformation as a process of creation is indeed a fascinating subject. Thanks to this we can all have access to unknown worlds and dynamics. It is extremely interesting to understand the process used by those who are behind these transformations. It is not easy to transform what is in our minds into a tangible work. Also photography – that, among all arts is the more realistic – is permeated by creation, transfiguration and transformation. It is in photography that we find the link between real and unreal is at its best. What is photographed through a camera and a lens actually exists; therefore whatever is generated is linked to reality. The result can be non-existent as it is, however it can indicate a new approach to reality, through a new way of perception. It is based on these observations that the work of the artists that we showcase on this issue takes shape. This time we cover the subject of transfiguration and transformation. From those who intervene directly on the paper by manipulating the matter or that photographs a tangible reality, to those who reinterpret something that exists by changing its shape and perspective. Each process is extremely personal and the result will take us closer to its creator. This issue is different and characterised by its contemporaneity and the variety of the showcased artworks. These approaches to photography aim to create opportunities for reflection on how and where everything was created and perhaps, ends.

In this issue we present the work of: Sue-Elie Andrade-Dé, Filip Berendt, Alexander Binder, Laurie Dall’Ava, Asier Gogortza, Maxime Guyon, Ariko Inaoka, Ayline Olukman, Stefano Parrini, Gareth Phillips, Sophy Rickett, Maya Rochat, Thomas Ruff, Alberto Sinigaglia, Wolfgang Tillmans, Christian Waldvogel

As well as featured content about: Maxime Büchi, Andrea Calabresi, Nan Goldin, Frederic Lezmi, Focus on: Universe

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