BEDFORD PAGES i — June 2013, #1


Bedford Pages is the third edition of Bedford, a Utrecht based co-operative that annually celebrates art, design and music throughout an ever changing form.

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EUR 10.00 — Released 22 June 2013

For this inaugural issue we've challenged the longtime friends Merijn Hos and Jeroen van Mourik to fill its blank pages. Both artists aren't too keen on classifying themselves. But to give you a general idea, Merijn works as an illustrator, but sometimes he feels like making a couple of hundred folk-art inspired sculptures, doing some art direction or creating an installation. "I don't want to be one thing; I'll try anything that comes on my path if it seems fun". Jeroen is equally reluctant to have his work categorized. As he makes abstract murals under the name Wood, but also works as a graphic designer and had recently turned some of his abstract drawings into wooden sculptures. Next to this he publishes other artists work with Stickit, and throws parties with the Utrecht 030303 crew. Even though they have been friends for over a decade, Jeroen and Merijn are each other’s opposite in almost every aspect. From their taste in music and background to the style and method of their work, they’re nothing alike. Says Jeroen, “Merijn works really free and quickly, doodling away. As for me, before I even start to work on something it needs to be thought out completely.” What makes the content of this issue not a result of random selection, but can be traced back to the theme of the magazine: contrast.

Featured Artists: Nick Ervink, Russel Maurice, Jan van der Ploeg, Micheal Swaney,Terry Hagerty, Stefan Marx, Boris Telegen, Jay Cover, Eltono, Markus Oakley, Andy Jenkinson a.k.a Cheepax Acid Crew, Felix Thorn, Matthew Feyld, Jeroen van Goor, Ted Parker, Ken Kagami.

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