Boktor Magazine i — December 2013, #3

Boktor Magazine

Boktor is a Belgian magazine in which international illustrators, writers and other creatives are invited to work around a specific theme. We like to challenge their approach towards delivering exceptional work by handing them hurdles to overcome.

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“No Regerts”

EUR 22.95 — Released 2 December 2013

Why do people get tattoos? To show the world what inspires them, to commemorate loved ones who've passed away, to share intellectual or inspirational quotes or to carry around metaphors for strength and courage.

In 'No regerts', however, we dedicate everything to tattoo artists who have the gift of turning a photo into an expressionist masterpiece. Creative grammarists and people who don't think life should be taken seriously. Revolutionaries in a field with enormous expectations.

No Regerts is divided into three categories and booklets: 'Creative spelling', 'Dumb decisions' and 'Failed portraits'. The package includes a certificate of authenticity, signed by us with tattoo ink, and a free temporary tattoo of the Boktor logo.

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