Magazin zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft

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Magazin zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft

brink: the place where art and science encounter each other. Margins, liminal experiences, setting and transgression of boundaries in the encounter with the other. The magazine between art and science generates a space where cooperation and coexistence are expressed in their difference — art and science encounter each other as differentials and in this encounter open up for the other at once.

As a single-topic magazine each issue offers various perspectives through contributions by students, young and renowned artists, junior researchers and established professors from all sciences as well as personalities from the media and culture. That is where the opening of brink takes place: Constantly demonstrating the potential of the differentials. Yet, this opening does not anticipate brink‘s existence. brink is not already there but in a continuing process of becoming by the encounter with its readers.

brink is rooted in the silence at the universities, in the lack of opportunities to see and speak for oneself and in the missing or failed dialogues between art and science. It is a project run by students who felt the urge to create a new place for discourses and their visibility and they have opened it up with brink     Magazin zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft.

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