Diner Journal i — Summer 2016, #32

Diner Journal

Diner Journal is a quarterly magazine with original art, lit and recipes, published by Brooklyn restaurateur Andrew Tarlow of Diner, Marlow & Sons, and Roman’s, Reynard and butcher shop Marlow & Daughters. The journal is produced by a group of people from our community of restaurants, and Diner’s bartender Anna Dunn is our editor in chief. Ad-free and three hole-punched since 2006.

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Diner Journal #32 is a meditation on one cook’s summer journey, from the clanging underground kitchens of Manhattan to a camp kitchen on an island in upstate New York. Photographs by Julia Gillard investigate the quiet of the island as well as the liveliness of cooking. Millicent Souris writes and cooks what the island wants. Essays and recipes explore what to do with the whole vegetable, how to cook for the day, how to honor what you made the day before, how to perfectly prepare a steak, and exude an affection not just for the practice of island living, but a wistful longing for a summer that might never end.

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