Dodo i — September 2013, #1


Dodo is a time machine, a theme park, a trip to the moon, a horror story, a prehistoric site, an unsolved mystery, even a Zeppelin voyage. It’s a magazine that will make you feel as if you were reading it under your sheets with a flashlight. With every passing page, you’ll leave behind everything around you as you enter your own world, a place where nothing bad can happen, where everything has yet to be discovered; a place where you had already been before but had forgotten.

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“Dodo Magazine. The first issue.”

EUR 15.00

Dodo, is a new adventure, science and fantasy magazine. The first issue is double, on side A: "Dodo, your own private treehouse", with an article of Rube Goldberg machines or a guide to survive a waterfall. On Side B: "Dodo, your own private haunted house", with a choose your own adventure and a guide to scare people on Halloween.

The magazine has been done by the exclusive collaboration of more than 40 illustrators, photographers and writers such as: Dan Woodger, Antoine Corbineau, Rand Renfrow, Bakea, Ricardo Cavolo, Steebz, Astrid Yskout, Florencia Rojas, Dylan Taylor, David Méndez Alonso, David Gómez Maestre, Aitor Saraiba, etc...

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