EX Magazine i — October/November 2012, #3

EX Magazine

EX is ‘Mostly for Men’ working and travelling in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s filled with insider guides to local cities and cultural nuances so readers will find it easy to entertain and impress clients in a foreign town, stay in the “recommended” places and make the most effective travel choices – perhaps even having a little time for R&R along the way.

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“Tomorrow's World”

SGD 4.80 — Released 1 October 2012

EX-FILES 04 News From invisible helmets and suit pjyamas to cyber protection, it’s the quirky info that makes life better

12 What’s On

16 Top Ten: Faulty Technology Predictions The ballsy tech predictions that haven’t come true

CITY FOCUS 18 Shanghai 20 Seoul 22 Colombo

MONEY & CAREER 25 Money for Old Grapes A beginner’s guide to investing in wine

28 The Gentleman’s Guide to … Asia’s cultural need-to-knows; plus, drinking whisky

30 EX Entrepreneur Awards Have you started a business in Southeast Asia?

32 Career Profile: Patrick Pitcher From political campaigns to Disney pitches, it’s Saatchi & Saatchi’s real Don Draper

36 Tomorrow’s World Technology innovations that are just around the corner

HEALTH 43 Deskercise
The workout you can do at your desk

44 The Hardest Race You’ll Ever Run How you can help prevent men’s cancers

50 Recipe Road Test Moroccan Chicken by a budding Anthony Bourdain

52 Fight Club The world's fiercest martial arts

TRAVEL 64 Travel Tips
A helping hand for hitting the road

66 On Yer Bike
Revving an old motorbike over the drug-trafficking routes of Laos

74 Powder Hunters The toughest snow fields in the Northern Hemisphere

EXIT 82 Subscribe to EX

83 Sudoku
… and other ways to pass time

88 Get Social Know your Twitter from your Weibo? Which social networks are getting the world chatting online?

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