Five out of Ten i — November 2012, #1

Five out of Ten

"Thought beyond play"

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“New Horizons”

GBP 5.00 — Released 24 November 2012

“In this issue, we look at new horizons of gaming: where can videogames take us that cinema, music and art cannot? What are the limits of the medium?”

Featuring Bill Coberly on how Guitar Hero killed his passion for practising music, Kris Ligman on The Unfinished Swan and life’s unfinished business, Brendan Keogh on when the characters of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas revealed an unsettling truth, Lana Polansky on Katamari Damacy and the fickle demands of kings, and Alan Williamson on Ecco the Dolphin, childhood fears and escape into fiction. Plus, five great features from our contributors on the new horizons of gaming.

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