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A beautifully designed, twice-yearly magazine of long form essays, fiction, and photography, with each issue based on a theme: pop, jokes, holiday, meta, snacks. Winner of a Gold National Magazine Award for Fiction, and Official Selection of the Coupe Annual Image + Design Awards. Based in Toronto. ("Proves good things come in smaller packages."- Monocle)

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“The Meta Issue”

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Little Brother's biggest issue yet, the Meta issue. Featuring I Want to Believe—an essay on women in media, the death of print, and "being the weirdos, mister" by Hairpin Editor Haley Mlotek. Now, Something for You—a review of Little Brother No. 5 by Jeet Heer. How to Be Content—an essay on poetry in the age of SEO by Emma Healey. Fighting the Failures of Reality—an essay on why director Charlie Kaufman can't lose by Naben Ruthnum. Vitree—an art portfolio by Sarah Bodri. Some Toronto Apartments: After Ed Ruscha—a photo essay by Elissa Pearl Matthews. Red Phone—a story by Andrew F. Sullivan. Attention—a story by Liz Windhorst Harmer. A Magazine in the World—a note by Emily M. Keeler.

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