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EUR 15.00 — Released 25 April 2013

We all eat. It's a universal act. And sharing a meal is something which makes us feel quite connected. It's not only about eating, but about cooking too. Sharing smells, textures, flavors, sounds. Our life can be nicely improved by great food and great experiences. Great experiences narrated by different points of view, but always around a table with a nice bouquet of flowers on it.

*Texts in the publication are both in english and spanish.


Collaborators in this issue: Ana Alarcón, Anna Coll, Chiara Torinos, Caro Crespi, Carlos J. Navarro, Fumi Koike, Héctor Lorenzo, Irene Fernández, La Casita, María Herreros, Mariana a miserável, Marta Cos, Marta Leal, Marta Vargas, Matilde Viegas, Mònica Figueras, Nanako Koyama, N. Rohrer, Nous Vous, Tanit Tatavull and Les Mineres.


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