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“SOLO – let's talk good coffee”

EUR 14.00 — Released 23 April 2015

Let's talk about coffee. Good coffee. Real coffee. About people who care about what they do. I once heard that life begins after the first sip of coffee, so shouldn't this first contact with reality at least be delicious? There are people willing to make us the best coffee ever, people who put so much effort into preparing a cup of coffee that you just can't be indifferent. It's about the process, about how you treat the product, about knowing where it comes from. We must forget what we thought coffee was and learn a whole new experience.

Collaborators in this issue: Jordi Mestre, Nino Tusell, Brais Méndez, Miju Lee, Cristina Daura, Matías Krahn, Sofia Schizas, Gerard Alegre, Andrés Requena, Mònica Figueras, Mauricio Lima, Cecilia Díaz.

Texts are both in english and spanish.

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