Threaded Magazine i — December 2014/January 2015, #17

Threaded Magazine

Our magazine is a collaborative design publication whose objective is to bridge the gap between established and emerging practice. Threaded magazine is an exhibition space, an interview dialogue, a discussion and display, and a ‘show and tell’ podium of creative and design practitioners.

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“Threaded Ed.17 'The Seele of Seventeen'”

NZD 20.00 — Released 22 December 2014

Its not just a fight for the Seele of Seventeen it’s a wrestling match for your very soul. Whichever way you slice it, Threaded Magazine is now 17 editions old, which in magazine years, makes us, like, totally mature y’know? So no more fumbling for love bite in the bike stands for us. This publication is now a MANNISH BOY!

FEATURED IN THIS ISSUE: Christoph Mueller, Germany DDMMYY, New Zealand Index, New Zealand Mark Gowing, Australia studio FM milano, Italy

Aristotle, when off the bottle, expounded the theory that every living soul was host to three distinct energies - Vegetal, Animal, and Rational. To put it in prosaic terms, the Vegetal part of us would like to stay on this sofa and watch some more daytime TV. The Animal part would like to hump the TV. The Rational, well, he knows that’s just not practical, as well as being undignified.

Whoa yeah, oh yeah Everythin' gonna be alright this mornin' Oh yeah

With insights and profiles from Italy, Germany, New Zealand and Australia we don't want you to miss out on this jam-packed issue full of global creative talent.

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