Unmapped i — 06 February 2015, #28


Unmapped tells hidden stories from around the world: ideas, events, places and people that have been left off the map.

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GBP 1.00 — Released 6 February 2015

Health is... everywhere. It sounds like an odd thing to say, but putting this issue together has made me realise what a role it plays in every story. Just like in fiction, in real life, health drives the plot forward. Imagine if little Saleem hadn't had a constantly dripping nose in Midnight's Children; imagine if you hadn't been born. Perhaps death will just be something we look back on one day with pity - a disease that killed every human being until it was cured. The poor, backward things. Until then, our health is fragile and precarious; it's never in our minds when we have it, but it's there constantly when we don't. We're not just minds after all, but bodies too. The stories in this issue all touch health tangentially – from giving birth in a foreign country to being sent away each summer to a health summer camp, from why the Taiwanese chew a carcinogenic nut to questioning whether health and happiness are linked on the streets of Bombay. Hope you feel better after reading.

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