Unmapped i — 25 February 2015, #29


Unmapped tells hidden stories from around the world: ideas, events, places and people that have been left off the map.

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It's how we make money, which is a vital part of life just about anywhere you might choose to travel to or live. It's what makes the world turn – but we should also remember that for many people, what they do for business, or work, is also a pleasure. Sometimes, it goes right, like those that have given up everything to pan for gold in Alaska, it can be life-changing - the same is true when it goes badly, like when getting locked up in prison in Iraq is just part of a day's work. Business can also shape communities and even regions and countries, as we see when we travel to Guyana in this issue. And it can even change the way we speak to one another. Lots to discover and explore in this issue, just like our abandoned mall in the cover, which comes courtesy of Seph Lawless.

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