Genda i — May 2016, #1


Genda is a magazine intersecting the relationship between Western and Eastern culture. Two sets of editorial staff – one in Italy and one in China - identify a common theme to then develop through the misunderstandings and complicities that are at the base of every concrete exchange.

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“Genda #1. Body as packaging”

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The body as construction material, deprived of its sexual, moral, social aspects. The body used like any other material, a form to assemble, overlay, split, observe, forget. The body as just another object, not instrument, not seduction, not for exchange, not as a place of violence to attack the person.

Body without rhetoric, history, ethics, deprived of that dignity we take for granted and that recogition that pertains to a living person. Body as encumbrance, structure, scaffolding, and nothing more.

Artists: Ting Tang, Shuwei Liu, Engman Charlie, Geoffray Agnës, Hang Ren, Tianxin Chen Sophie, Kooiker Paul, Fisher Todd, Yijun Liao Pixy, Yuen Yi, Piotrowska Joanna, Cepis Blaise, Zhipeng Lin, Nononino, Wenzel Isabelle, Rosser Chloe, Wei Shen, Yuan Xiaopeng, Mcelroy Aaron, Goiris Geert,

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