Unmapped i — 14 November 2014, #24


Unmapped tells hidden stories from around the world: ideas, events, places and people that have been left off the map.

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“Money ”

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Money is a part of any story - follow the money, they say, to find the truth. It's such an ingrained part of our lives, our existence, that we dedicate our lives to generating it, and ensuring our survival. Of course, you can try and live without it, and some people and communities succeed, but for most, escaping this racket is simply inconceivable.

In this issue, we start by looking at what money means to people, with a story about the French, and their attitude to matters pecuniary - and how the rest of the world looks on that attitude. Then we look at how much money matters in an Indian wedding, before moving on to asking people in the world's most expensive city, Oslo, just how they get by (interesting fact of the day - wages in Oslo are roughly twice as much as in London today, but €12 for a hamburger is considered a good deal). Then, we look at the enigma that is Bitcoin, a currency without a country, and ask what it means for global politics and money. Finally, we go back and look at a time when the Dutch were seized by tulip madness, paying more for a rare bulb than a painting by the Dutch Masters, before the bubble burst with a resolute pop.

Money matters to us as well - we hope you'll continue to spread the word about Unmapped, and if you enjoy it, sign up for a subscription. We rely on you, our readers, for 100 percent of our funding. We literally can't do this without you. So please, if you enjoy, pass it on.

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