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“Think Twice”

USD 20.00 — Released 10 November 2012

<font color="red"> Red colored cover is sold out. Check patterned cover is available. </font> <br><br>

210 * 280mm<br> 264pages <br><br>

Contents<br> <br> Chapter 01 _ SHOES<br> Making Shoes in Korea<br> _ Shoes Park<br> _ Shoes by Launching M<br> <br> Chapter 02 _ KNIT<br> From Hand, to Machine<br> _ E-Star Technology<br> _ Misu A Barbe<br> _ Hyungje Textile<br>

Chapter 03 _ PATTERN MAKING<br> No Pattern, No Clothes<br> _ Daehyun Alteration Shop<br> _ Yang Kyung Hee<br> <br> Chapter 04 _ LABEL<br> The Essential Factor of Brand Identities<br> _ Daeyoung Label<br> _ Dongjin Label<br> <br> Chapter 05 _ FABRIC<br> The First Step of Making Clothes<br> _ Namheung Textile<br> _ Heritage Floss<br> <br> Special <br> Interview<br> Cy Choi / Fashion Designer<br> <br> Interview<br> Kan Ho Sup / Professor of Textile Art & Fashion <br> <br> Column<br> Hong Suk Woo <About Method><br> <br> Column<br> Park Se Jin <Handmade Umbrellas of the UK><br> <br> Interview<br> Kim Hong Ki / Fashion Curator

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