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“Local-specific Fashion”

USD 20.00 — Released 8 March 2013

210 * 280mm<br> 272pages <br><br>

Contents<br> <br> Foreword<br> Local-specific Fashion<br> <br> Uniform<br> <br> Uni-Form<br> <br> * Openback_Lee Young Soo<br> * Tomas_Lee Gwan Hee<br> * Ilgwangsa_Kim Ji Hyuk<br> * Suwon Gown_Han Bong Sun<br> * The House of SNB_Bong Si Nae<br> <br> Functional/Non-functional<br> <br> -Now, Form Follows Function?<br> * Carhartt Korea_Kang Seung Hyuk<br> * Blankof_Won Derg Hyun<br> <br> Column<br> <br> -A Few Perspectives on Uniform: <br> An Indicator of the Ages, the Essence of Culture<br> written by_Kim Da Seul<br> <br> -Workwear and Military wear<br> written by_Park Se Jin<br> <br> Special<br> <br> * Past Fashion <br> GQ Feature Director_Jang Woo Chul <br> Fashion Journalist_Hong Suk Woo<br> Alvo_Kim Yang Kook<br> The 3 20s Anonymous<br> <br> * Louis Quartorze_Kim Yoo Jin<br> * Leather Sys_Lee Jung Sang<br> * DI Tailor Apprentice_Park Jun Sang<br> * The Heritage Post_Stefanie Kobayashi

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