POSTRmagazine i — September 2011/February 2012, #10


POSTRmagazine is a free quarterly magazine printed on an A1 size poster and folded to a 198 x 280mm format. POSTRmagazine is distributed in Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin and can be found at selected concept stores, shops, art centers, galleries, concert halls and certain restaurants and hotels.

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“The Waste issue”

FREE — Released 1 September 2011

Our latest adventures in subjective journalism took us right to the place where we excrete all the crap on this here planet and beyond. That’s right, in our celebratory 10th issue of POSTRmagazine we’re talking tons of trash. Why? Because the trash disposal business is a dirty one. In a world of shady deals, the trash game is the bottom business to be in. Its existence and profitability are guaranteed. Credit analysts called the industry ‘recession-resistant’. Its dirtiness is implied by its very nature: we’re talking about a product that no sensible being wants to touch, let alone buy. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it and in the free market model, they will charge you whatever they want for doing it. The landfill has become a goldmine for those who don’t mind getting a little dirty.

So let’s just say we didn’t waste our potential producing this piece of recycled matter. We hope you enjoy reading this edition of POSTRmagazine and remember to recycle it if you do decide to throw it away.

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